About me

About my work

One of the best feelings in the world is capturing love stories, and being able to give memories that last a lifetime. I am passionate about creating something precious and everlasting.

This is why I do wedding photography; I feel it with my heart and soul. I capture all the big and small moments in your wedding day- as the individuals that you are.

Happy people. Heartbeats. Tears of joy. The real life. Love. And whatever else may happen. To get an idea of how I do my work, please watch this video, http://youtu.be/SYXXRrbnMzI

About me personally

I am living happily with my favorite human being (my husband) and our two cats.  No matter that little „Tiger Lilly“ had to be renamed to „Willi“ after his first visit at the veterinarian’s and the original „Azrael“ from the Smurfs is colored orange and not black.

My hometown is Hamburg- the most beautiful city in the world, in my opinion. I’ve also lived in London and a tiny village in the northwest of Mallorca. Anyways. I love travelling around the world. Have you ever been in the jungle right before sunrise and just listened to the jungle noise? It’s an amazing experience!

What else do I like? Well, I love the simple things in life. Having a lunch break in my garden with a cup of coffee and a good book to read, barbecue with friends, a cool beer in the hand. Taking a walk on the beach, feeling the North Sea breeze in my hair, and enjoying a shrimp roll after – delicious. Of course I love my sister and my best friend.

I have an ultimate recipe for spaghetti aglio olio, according to my husband. He also tells me that I sometimes pamper our cats too much.